Because Talking About Math Is More Fun Than Throwing Poo

A super-easy way for you to sound smart at the next zoo cocktail party. Be the smartest monkey in the room!

Concept: A 14-episode series covering Mathematics Education, Evolutionary Game Theory, Mathematical Philosophy, Logic, Quantum nonsense, and anything else that seems even remotely tied to mathematics in science or society.

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Punk Math Revolution

In a interview with Technocult, Tom had this to say about Mathematics:

Mathematics is the subject in which, regardless of what the authorities tell you is true, you can verify every last iota of truth, with a minimum of equipment.

Therefore, if you are concerned with the empowerment of everyday people, and you believe that it’s probably a good idea to be skeptical of authority you could do worse than to develop your skills at being able to talk math in such a way that anyone can ask questions, can express curiosity, can imagine applying it in the most weird-ass off-the-wall ways possible.

Weird-ass and off-the-wall?  That pretty much sums it up!

Meet The Primates

Math Punk - Tom Henderson

Tom Henderson holds a masters degree in mathematics and is an adjunct professor of mathematics at Portland State University. His main research interests are in Game Theory, Discrete Mathematics, and Mathematics Education.  He is also a longtime member of the improve comedy group, The Light Fingered 5. And, he blogs at MathPunk.net

Math Primate - Nick Horton

Nick Horton was raised to be an artist, trained to be a mathematician, and called to be a coach. His graduate work was in Evolutionary Game Theory and the Biology of Human Behavior.  His personal blog, The Iron Samurai, is one the worlds most popular strength-training blogs, with a focus on Zen and the Art of Weightlifting, which is a fancy way of saying “Self-Development”.

When he isn’t mathing or blogging, he is a professional Weightlifting Coach, and founder of Weightlifting Academy – an online (mental & physical) strength training education center.  He considers himself a media-creation-junky, and has been blogging and podcasting on all manor of topics since the days when blogs were static HTML pages and called “weblogs” (pre-Wordpress!).


NONE of the poo throwing, nor any of the opinions expressed in these podcasts reflect the opinions of any institutions Tom or Nick are affiliated with in any way what-so-ever.  They are the opinions of these primates alone, and should not be taken as lifestyle advice, financial advice, nor comic relief of medical symptoms.

Further, neither Tom nor Nick advocate Zoo-breaks by other primates–or animals of a different genus, family, or kingdom.  The fact that these two wild primates have managed to escape themselves and are now roaming free among society is not meant to be taken as an example of appropriate or moral behavior.

Please consult your doctor before embarking on any mathematics program, as it can and should be a physically exhausting experience resulting in much hair pulling, cursing at chalk boards, and excessive consumption of caffeine.