Episode 010: The Most Ornery Pi Day Podcast … Ever!

In this podcast:

  • Tom and Nick are not as happy with Pi Day as you’d expect.
  • Why do Hippies like Pi so much?
  • Where does pi come from, and why do we care?
  • Is mounting a Ferris Wheel on a Flat-Bed Truck a good idea?
  • How many digits of pi can YOU recite?Β  I’ll bet not 69,000!
  • Nick and Tom give you back 23 hours and 40 minutes of your life … ish.

Bonus Pi Recipes

Continued fraction recipe for pie at Math World

Recipe for Boysenberry Pie:

Click here for the recipe from Simply Recipes.

Author: Nick Horton

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  1. My own interest in Pi stems from the anecdote of Richard Feynman desiring to memorize Pi to what has become ‘The Feynman Point’ “Nine Nine Nine Nine Nine and so on…” which I always found funny, a sort of math joke.

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    • Nice, I hadn’t heard that before.

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  2. Great podcast, I’m a new listener who now has to go back and catch up on the archives!

    One nitpick: wouldn’t a sine wave be formed by something moving up and down vertically on the flatbed truck? I thought the moving-circle thing creates something funkier, like this:


    It’d probably still make a great ride, though.

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    • Yep! You’re dead right. We didn’t think that one through as well as we could have. I think we got the point across but our image was a bit off. Good catch!

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  3. Wait, I’m crazy; just up-and-down movement could be a triangle wave, if it’s constant speed in each direction … oh forget it, just stick with the ferris wheel.

    (it’s the y-axis value of the ferris wheel movement, isn’t it … oh well at least that video clip looks cool)

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    • Haha! We both realized that after we stopped recording that our image might have been a bit confusing … this is because we both had a slightly different idea of what the image was! So, we’ll just treat it like art and leave it up to interpretation. :)

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  4. Keep up the good job. I love it!

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  5. Eugene is actually the hippie capitol of the world. Portland is some kind of cess pool and I5 is the spillway.

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    • OK, now that IS cool!

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  6. Hey guys, where’s number 11? I’m crashing here

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    • sorry man, Spring Break hit us hard and we both went into serious couch coma’s. It’ll be up in a day or two.

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  7. I’m a new listener as well referred from a friend on Twitter. I was never much of a math person but y’all find a way to make it interesting for me anyway! Thanks for all your work! πŸ˜€

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it!

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  8. I am shocked that you never mentioned Pumpkin Pi.

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