Episode 004 – What Makes A Good Teacher? A Good Clint Eastwood Impression

In this Episode:

  • Clint Eastwood What does a good Clint Eastwood impression have to do with being a good teacher?
  • How Teach For America is revolutionizing the teaching scene
  • Can you teach good teaching?
  • What’s up with Texas and their maniacal standards for graduation?


Author: Nick Horton

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  1. I volunteer to wack Tom’s with a ruler if Nick is unavailable.

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  2. I completely agree with the conclusion of this segment. I am a high school English and theater teacher (what many would consider the opposite end of the spectrum from what you guys do!) and agree that the best teachers I have had are not necessarily the smartest or funniest, but have this X-factor that is sometimes indescribable. But, I have found more often than not that this X-factor is a genuine and enthusiastic interest in students. Teachers can fake being smart; it’s actually quite easy when no one else in the room has a high school diploma, let alone a degree! Teachers cannot fake caring.

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    • Great comment, Joe. My fiance is about to finish her masters in teaching (she wants to teach middle school math – far far braver than me!), and she has noticed a marked difference in how the students learn in the classrooms of those teachers who care deeply about education vs those that are “in it for the paycheck”.

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